Customers say

Customers say…

Est. 1954 & Miller Family Owned and Operated

“Thanks!  I love the new TOTO toilet!”
West Hartford, CT

“Thank you so much for fixing my bathtub on such short notice, and while I was away.  Much appreciated.”
West Hartford, CT

 “Excellent phone service, scheduling and timely job completion. I am a business owner that had a hot water heater problem. The Technician came out and fixed that problem and let me know of another potential problem with the heater location that I can now nip in the bud before it lets go causing significant water damage. He offered a less expensive almost foolproof solution for a small increase in the overall job cost. I was treated like one on their most valuable assets – a customer. Thank you. ”
Business Owner
South Windsor, CT

 “Dear Steve,  You were right – the sink and the toilet fit beautifully in the space – great style.
Thank you very much for your counsel, and the work of your competent men.”
West Hartford, CT

“My sincere thanks for a job exceptionally well done.  I’m very pleased.  I still don’t see how you were able to get that ‘ten ton junk pile’ out, get the new one (not a junk pile) in, wired, plumbed and the place cleaned up better than it has ever been before – all in a couple of days!
If I hear of anyone who needs to replace their 50 year old, antique (or newer sub-par CO spewer) I’ll certainly recommend Miller (at gun point if I have to).  Again, my very sincere thanks!”
West Hartford, CT

 “Thank you for your prompt – and excellent – service!”
Bloomfield, CT

“Excellent service, personable and friendly workers.  Steve Miller, the owner, came out and spent the time to go over all of the options in my 2-family house that had an ancient old oil burner. He also hooked me up with some nice rebates for switching over to gas. His workers who have worked with him for many years were also friendly, responsive, and did excellent work. I would highly recommend him because of my experience and because he has continued this family business for many years and I feel that if I have any problems he’ll be around then to help. I look forward to converting some other dinosaur oil burners to gas in the future!  Thankfully,”
West Hartford, CT

 “Very pleased with the new Drake TOTO toilet.”
West Hartford, CT

 “I have used this company for over 20 yrs. All types of jobs, general repairs, cleaning drains, hot water heaters etc. They do what they say and when they say. Now that I live out of state for 5 months a year I’m happy knowing that I can call Miller to do a good job and give me a fair price always. Great staff and workers.‎”
West Hartford, CT

 “I’m satisfied with the service that Miller Plumbing provided. I just moved into West Hartford from living out west for the past ten years. Having become accustomed to what they call flat rate pricing, it was pleasantly surprising to find this small family owned shop performing work the old fashioned way, by the hour‎.”
West Hartford, CT

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