Toilet Talk With Steve

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Hello fellow bathroom users !
My name is Steve Miller, owner of Miller Plumbing & Heating.  For two generations the Miller family has been on a quest to locate and provide toilets that – simply put – function. Federal restrictions over time have reduced the water used per flush dramatically – from five gallons to 1.6 gallons, and less. Unlike people, all toilets are not created equal.  For a toilet to not clog periodically, and to leave clean water in the bowl without multiple flushes after use, I strongly suggest selected models manufactured by TOTO, the largest manufacturer of china plumbing fixtures in the world.  They operate with a simple flapper tank mechanism and are not power assisted, noisy, and complicated. Toilets now are manufactured in three heights off the floor, two bowl size dimensions, and three rough in (tank to wall) measurements. Please call myself or Rick to discuss your individual needs.  To get in the ‘pipeline’ call 860-523-PIPE (7473)
Thanks for visiting,Steve

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